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  1. Oct 1 2021

    1 October 2021

    Circuit Nòmada - Vila-real

    Eléctrico 28, [ The Frame ]. A show that proposes facing the course of urban life to observe it. There are chairs, looks, words, posters, voices, sounds, asphalt, some trees and many other things. There are many characters, four of whom are trained in the disciplines of observation and ordering anything and who are subjected to the vertigo of the live performance, with the aim of capturing everything that happens. There is no plot. There is no end. [The Frame] embraces many spaces - playful, poetic, surprise and spontaneous action, the encounter - but, above all, it is a look that, crossing the ordinary, the banal and the general, discovers the extraordinary, the special, the unique.

  2. Oct 3 2021

    3 October 2021

    Circuit Nòmada - Granollers

    Campi Qui Pugui, Camí a l'escola. The company seeks the meeting point among the most diverse audiences, through emotions and universal visual resources understandable to viewers of different backgrounds and ages. On this occasion, it is inspired by the documentary Sur le chemin de l'école, by Pascal Plisson, to tell the extraordinary story of three sisters who face daily obstacles and adversities to get to school. They live in any country, far and near at the same time, and share the desire to learn and change their world.

  3. Nov 11 2021

    From 11 to 14 November 2021

    Nomadic Circuit - Illes Balears

    Lali Ayguadé, Underneath. We all need a guide. Something to follow, to admire. Something (or someone) that clears the way and points us in the right direction. In the absence of leadership, we feel lost and fall over and over again. Underneath is a choreography about the ability to pick ourselves up after a fall. A short piece that returns to the simplicity of abstraction, built from the force of movement.