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Brodas Bros - Solo 2: Duet by Pol and Lluc Fruitós that presents the complicity between brothers, without setting limits between hip-hop and contemporary dance. The mixed choreographic work that uses various techniques, like popping, locking, break and contemporary. Two dancers in search of understanding, balance and harmony at the same price as the space needed to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Brodas Bros - Raindú: An urban dance show. On stage the musician Jean Phillippe Barrios and the sisters Berta and Clara Pons. Two dancers from the same origins, like two raindrops formed in the same cloud, and that express themselves individually thanks to the essential rhythms of Mother Earth.
Circle of Trust - Motus: Break-dance and circus for six dancers directed by Jordi Vilaseca. A journey that begins in the heart of the individual and takes us to the resources that moves in a group, a circle of people. A proposal to make us think about the effort, la overcoming our limits and collaboration to reach our dreams.
Iron Skulls - Sinestesia: A dance piece by this young company that evolved from a break-dance group that has applied its knowledge to contemporary dance, hip-hop, house-dance, tap dance, lindy hop and acrobatics. Sinestesia takes us, through emotions and senses, to a post-apocalyptic world whose inhabitants express themselves through acrobatics and dance. COFAE MOBILITY CIRCUIT
DJ Save the Cheerleader: Project made up of two young artists from Barcelona, Will Fly (Willy Barleycorn) and Supernails (Nil Fruitós), who met in 2005 in the world of dance. Their passion for the music has led them to climb onto stages all over the world to the rhythm of all kinds of beat.

  • 12 September: 22:30
  • 13 September: 21:30
  • 14 September: 19:00
Pl. Nacions
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